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Book List: How to Take Money from the Markets: Creating Profitable Strategies plus Six Ready-to-Use Systems
Title:      How to Take Money from the Markets: Creating Profitable Strategies plus Six Ready-to-Use Systems
BookID:      1592804128
Authors:      Steve Palmquist
ISBN-10(13):      1592804128
Publisher:      Marketplace Books
Publication date:      2010-08-17
Number of pages:      320
Language:      English
Price:      62.87  USD
Rating:      0 
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Trading is a statistical business that requires a variety of tools in order to manage risk and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Put the stats in your favor with the backtested, proven trading systems presented in Steve Palmquist's new book.

Palmquist uses the results of his extensive backtesting techniques to smash many of today's popular trading myths and get down to the truth -- while handing you six complete trading systems, including exactly how and when to use them.

Each system has been analyzed and tested in various time periods and market conditions using specific rules and various filters, all in order to determine how and when each system is most effective. Palmquist shares all of the research and results with you to reveal the design, development, and testing that goes into creating profitable trading strategies. You will learn:

- How to determine market conditions,

- Four key things to look for in backtesting results,

- How to use Bollinger bands to trade overbought and oversold stocks,

- How to play pullbacks and retracements in trending stocks, volume accumulations, and distribution patterns,

- And much more.

Smart traders will realize that making predictions about the market is a losing battle. Learn to observe and determine market conditions--then simply select the tool that you know works the best, and see how profitable this kind of market adaptive trading can be.


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